Indie Friday : THE KILLERS

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Once again it's time for my Indie Friday blog column!

I have spent a dull and exhausting week,filled with plenty of small things which more or less affected my good mood.But having created a music column in which to write about one of the greatest things in life-MUSIC,I have created my own way of relaxing and setting all the small daily problems aside.This column is like a placebo to me.

Okay,enough with the sentimental introduction!Let's move on to the subject-today's indie band which I have decided to present to you,is yet another one of my most fave bands.Even if it falls under the category of indie bands,it has achieved wide commercial success both in the States and in Europe.The music which The Killers make is mostly dynamic,cheerful rock which can wake you up in the morning,no matter how deeply you sleep, and make you shake it on the dance floor.

Band name: The Killers
Location: Las Vegas
Genre: indie/alternative rock,post-punk revival
Members: Brandon Flowers(vocals,keyboard),Dave Keunig(backing vocals,guitar),Mark Stoermer(backing vocals,bass guitar),Ronnie Vanucci Jr.(drums,percussion)
Where can you find them on the Internet? Their official website is,they can also be found on Myspace
Sounds like: very cheerful,very energetic,very melodic.Very catchy lyrics,such as the lyrics to When You Were Young,Uncle Jonny,Glamorous Indie Rock&Roll and my most fave one - Believe Me,Natalie.
When it comes to the mood of the lyrics,The Killers' songs are so much more different than Interpol's.(If you remember,Interpol was the first indie band to be presented on Indie Friday.)The Killers' lyrics are much more lively and cheerful.

The Story[in short]

For The Killers the big break-through came quickly.Brandon Flowers quits his previous band Blush Response(synthpop) and answers an ad which Dave Keunig has posted in The Sun.Then they attract the other members and start playing at various Las Vegas clubs.They get noticed by a Warner producer who recommends them to the London indie label Lizard King Records-from then on begins their way to fame.Their debut studio album,entitledHot Fuss(2004)has tremendous success.Their second album,Sam's Town(2006)however,receives mixed reviews despite Brandon Flowers' public statement that "this is going to be one of the best albums in the last 20 years".
Their compilation album,entitled Sawdust comes out in November 2007.It contains b-sides,rarities,new material and two cover songs,one of which covers "Romeo and Juliet"-a great song by Dire Straits.An exceptionally good cover,in my opinion.
So far the band have been featured as themselves in the widely popular teen sitcom the O.C.,two of their songs are in the official soundtrack of the series;lead singer Brandon Flowers has had confrontations with the bands The Bravery and Fall Out Boy (who are signed to the same label-Island Def Jam Music Group);and the guys are currently in the studio working on their third album,entitled Day&Age.


I'm moving on to the most important part of every Indie Friday entry-the MUSIC :-)

This is the video to Mr Brightside-a single from their debut album Hot Fuss(2004) :-)

A LIVE version of Glamorous Indie Rock&Roll :-)

And this is a very nice fan video of Believe Me,Natalie -my most fave song by The Killers.

I hope you have enjoyed the music which these wonderful guys from Las Vegas make.I will be happy if you express your opinion on the band,their music,and what you like or don't like about my Indie Friday column in the comment section below.

Have a crazy Friday night!

*The Red Witch

*this is a translation of an entry from which was originally written on October 24th 2008

Porn and mourning?

By The Red Witch on 11:28 PM

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I assume you are a little shocked by the title.I spent quite some time wandering what title to give to this posting and it seems like this is the most suitable title,even if it is shocking.
So here is what provoked me to write the following posting.
While I was checking my mailbox today,among the bills,yet another supermarket catalog and yet another annoying SPAM letter from "Reader's Digest"(I will explain why this publishing house is so fucking annoying me some other time)I came across the most disgusting brochure I had ever laid eyes on,which advertised...a funeral home.In fact,the advert was so ridiculous,that,for I moment I thought it was a sick joke made by some retard with lots of free time on their looked way too serious to be a joke.It was made up of two cards.Now,before you ask,'Why is that brochure so scandalous?',let me show you how the first card looked like:

No,this is not an optical illusion.What you see now is a fantastic fairy landscape.In front of it you see a naked girl.Really naked.And what you see in the upper right corner of the picture is the kind face of an old man who looks lustfully at the naked girl.This,apparently,is a depiction of...God.In the lower right corner of the picture is the logo of the funeral home,which,as I learned from the leaflet,is called "Sofia"
It gets even worse when you turn over the card and read what is says on the back:
(it is in Bulgarian,but I will translate the most vulgar excerpts later on)

The absurdity continues:

Well,I don't know how you would react if you were in my shoes,but THIS was way too much for me.I got furious-for a reason.
Not to mention that I do not wish to receive in my mailbox leaflets telling me that there is someone who can take extra care in organizing My Last Journey-yes,we are all mortals,but,hey,admit it-no one wants to think about their death,as inevitable as it is...
On the back of the vulgar leaflet with the naked girl it says :"This information does not concern you but it can be useful to you to help others".-that is correct-IT DOES NOT CONCERN ME.As far as I remember,I haven't subscribed to receive brochures from FUNERAL HOMES.I doubt anyone has.And even if i WERE concerned,(which I am definitely NOT),I wouldn't turn to your services even if you were the LAST funeral home on Earth!Frankly,with your vulgar and inadequate way of "advertising",I can't see how anyone would want to seek your services.

It is cheeky,tasteless and irrespectable for a firm which has taken on such services to show a naked girl...and God on one and the same brochure.(?!?!
A firm,which,through the essence of its services,should pay some,at least seeming,respectto christian values.
It is absolutely preposterous for me to look at the "hot" picture and on the back of it read things like"There is never a good time for a birth and a death","In a day of pain and grief,in a hospital or at your home,you can trust us at all times and tell us the Sad News ",and the most ridiculous sentence of all-"At all times we try to help and give our best to organize the last send-off of the Man with dignity and respect".

What dignity?What respect?

I think that all commentary on the above excerpts is needless.

Since one of the business cards was signed by some Ventzislav Palamarov,I will address him in an (in)direct way hoping that he knows how to work with Internet and that maybe there is a small chance that he will come across this posting-Mr Palamarov,are you an IDIOT?Or just another crafty peasant who has decided to put some fresh female flesh in the otherwise "dull"(?!?!) funeral home brochure?
It is impertinent.It is ridiculous.And I am not sure whether it is very legal.I don't know,Mr Palamarov.Even if your kind of advertising is juridically legal in our country(Bulgaria) it is morally illegal..Yes,but it is someone else's job to straighten this problem out.My job is to tell you that I do not wish to receive any more of your "brochures".Period.

If you have read this posting so far and are still interested in the services of funeral home "Sofia",my dear reader,you can contact them 24-7 via phone: 02/925 01 74.

*this is a translation of an entry from which was originally written on October 23rd 2008

Indie Friday : INTERPOL*

By The Red Witch on 10:12 PM

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As promised in my previous blog entry in each "Indie Friday'" column I will present an indie artist/band.
I didn't give it much thought as to which the first band presented here should be-of course,it had to be my most fave indie band.Тhe guys who opened me up to this kind of music.The band with the scary name: INTERPOL.

Band name :
Location : NY City
Genre : indie/alternative rock ;post-punk revival
Members :Paul Banks(vocals,bass guitar),Daniel Kessler(guitar,backing vocals),Carlos Dengler(bass guitar),Sam Fogarino(drums).
Where can you find them on the Internet? :Their official website is ,they can be also found on Myspace

Sounds like:
like..hmmm.Melancholic rock with overwhelming bass guitar solos.Lots of drums involved.Interpol have both very cheerful and rhythmic songs and songs which make you weep like a little child.Their music is mostly melancholic.Most of their songs have amazingly good lyrics (which are mostly the work of their lead singer Paul Banks).

The Story

It is basically not an unusual story..A bunch of NY University students gather to play music just for the sake of it(1997-1998).Things get serious and the dudes start self-publishing their demos up until 2001.
The Big Breakthrough - Turn On The Bright Lights-2002.This is the album which puts them among today's most successful indie bands.Next come Antics(2004) and Our Love To Admire(2007).
Interpol today-the critics admire them,they have huge fan bases both in Europe and the USA,they have achieved serious commercial success and are currently on tour in Europe promoting Our Love To Admire.
This is the band's story in a few sentences.Since I have disliked history ever since high school,I am going to stop here.If you'd like to know the detailed story,you can click HERE :-)


The name comes from a joke which Banks' classmates quite often used to tease him with-"Paul,Paul,Interpol" :-).Before deciding on this name the band have considered names like The French Letters and Las Armas.But the strongest reason for which the band picked "Interpol" for its name is,that,according to lead singer Paul Banks, "We'd like to be perceived as an impersonal, mysterious organization such as Interpol.But principally it's because the name sounds cool."

The Music

"Obstacle 1"-a single from their debut album Turn On The Bright Lights.It is interesting to know that in this album there is another song called "Obstacle 2" :P

"Public Pervert"-a song from their second album,Antics,which,alas,didn't come out as a single.This one is perhaps among my all-time favorite songs..

"No 'I' In Threesome" or,in other words,a flirty ode devoted to the threesome :Р .The song is from Interpol's latest album entitled Our Love To Admire,which came out last year.

Listen to the music and judge for yourselves whether or not it fits your taste.
I'd be more than happy if you share what you like or don't like.I'm also looking forward to receiving suggestions for which artists/bands to feature in "Indie Friday" :-)
Have an awesome Friday night!Party hard! :-)

*The Red Witch

*this is a translation of an entry from which was originally written on October 17th 2008

INDIE Friday*

By The Red Witch on 9:35 PM

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As some of you may know,my fave kind of music is INDIE.If you don't know what that is,to put it briefly,"indie" is an abbreviation which stands for "independent music" which is a type of music relating to artists/bands who take a personal,do-it-yourself approach in the process of recording and publishing their music.You could say they are the antonym of commercial/mainstream artists.(Although there is a number of indie artists/bands who have achieved great commercial success-but this is a topic for another blog entry).If you'd like to learn more about it,there is a great article on indie music on Wikipedia ...
The new column that I am launching,which I have called "INDIE Friday" (because it will come out every Friday :p)will be all about the indie movement in music,introducing some of my fave indie bands,new albums,interesting interviews,etc Through this weekly column I hope to bring some popularity to this kind of music,which is ,alas,not so well-known in my home country Bulgaria.There is indeed A PLETHORA OF extremely talented indie artists/bands which I am sure you will like :-)

So the first band which I am going to present to you in "Indie Friday" is called...


* this is a translation of an entry from which was originally written on October 17th 2008


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One day without lectures...without the cold lecture rooms of Sofia University...without hearing Swedish all the time...Pure bliss.
Not that I didn't have any lectures in the morning...I did,and it was on Swedish,hahah :Р But I was so sleepy in the morning.The alarm clock on my cell phone rang,I told it to piss off,and I slept until,that hadn't happened to me in quite a long time! :-))
The pure pleasure of drinking coffee without having to hurry is one of the things which make life so wonderful...
So what did I do during my day off?Well,I made some jewelry,that's what I did.I made a pair of ear-rings(Here's a photo of it,I'm expecting some feedback :P)I fixed some jewelry pieces,and I took on the boring task of uploading the pictures of my jewelry pieces on my website- .A task that took up most of my day off.
And although I did a lot of work today (and I still have a lot to do,so I guess I won't sleep much tonight...again)this day was still MINE,free,a wonderful,warm,perfect October day...It was perfect because I didn't have any deadlines;because I was working ALONE,without being interrupted by insignificant people/things;because I felt I had all the time in the world.
So you could say my day was pretty creative.And how was yours?
I hope it was at least as good as mine. :-)

*The Red Witch

*this is a translation of an entry from which was originally written on October 15th 2008

First Entry*

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So,I finally managed to steal some time to write the first entry to the baby-blog,whose mom I happen to be.
I hate writing first entries.So instead I'm going to split this entry into two major stories:1)3 things you don't know about me and 2) 3 points on the content of this blog.
Onto point 1).

3 things you don't know about me:

1.I was not named Venus after the planet(contrary to popular belief),but the Roman goddess of beauty Venus.I believe I have the most pretty name and am often told so by others,hehe :-)
2.I adore what I'm studying at university,namely Scandinavian Studies.If I have to describe my major briefly-well,it is philology.You learn Swedish and Norwegian or Danish,literature and history of the region,culture and traditions and other super cool things :P The students are normally prepared for translators,linguists,philologists etc.Since I have always adored literature and I have always known I want to translate from these languages I feel very well in this major.:-)
Besides Bulgarian,I also speak English,French and Swedish. :-)

3.I make of my most fave things to do!I got really into it two years ago and I haven't stopped ever since.Each of my pieces has a unique design.Out of the pieces I make some I keep for myself and the rest I either sell or give to friends.

What is there going to be in this blog?

1.There will be a lot on jewelry,I will post pictures of the pieces I have made.I hope to receive constructive criticism from you.I am deliberately emphasizing on the word "constructive"-comments,containing insults,vulgar language,spam,or such which have no bearing to the topic will be deleted right away.They shouldn't waste my time,nor yours.
2.Besides jewelry I am going to write my own "redwitchy" thoughts on Life,The Universe and Everything Else(I'm sorry,Douglas Adams,but this phrase was so suitable I couldn't help but copy it :P).I am going to write on topics relating to literature,art photography,indie music,interior design and decoration...and..whatever else there is in my pretty redheaded head.I hope you find it interesting here...
3.If you wish to take a look at some of my jewelry pieces,you can find them here - :-)

I don't want to be too wordy,I think what I've written is enough for a first entry.
See you soon on the pages of my Red Witch Diaries :-)

*The Red Witch

* this is a translation of an entry from which was originally written on October 14th 2008

About The Red Witch

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Well, this is me.
My name is Venera. The Red Witch is a nickname I got some time ago. I guess it has something to do with my hair temper :)
I am 22.
I live in Sofia, Bulgaria.
I make jewelry. I started doing it about 3 years ago, and I can't stop. It's amazing.
I am completely self-taught. I have learned everything I know through books. I haven't taken any special classes, and it makes me proud, in a way.
I also like writing, that's why I have a blog.
I like taking pictures of windows, flowers and jewelry pieces. Oh yeah, and people too.
I like listening to indie, indie rock mostly. You can check my music profile at Last.Fm.
I like browsing through interior design & decoration sites.
I like reading books, lots of them. The more, the better.
I speak Bulgarian (mother tongue), English, French, Swedish and a bit of Norwegian. Crazy, I know.
I don't like stupid people and traffic jams. Then again, who does?


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