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By The Red Witch on 8:30 PM

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So,I finally managed to steal some time to write the first entry to the baby-blog,whose mom I happen to be.
I hate writing first entries.So instead I'm going to split this entry into two major stories:1)3 things you don't know about me and 2) 3 points on the content of this blog.
Onto point 1).

3 things you don't know about me:

1.I was not named Venus after the planet(contrary to popular belief),but the Roman goddess of beauty Venus.I believe I have the most pretty name and am often told so by others,hehe :-)
2.I adore what I'm studying at university,namely Scandinavian Studies.If I have to describe my major briefly-well,it is philology.You learn Swedish and Norwegian or Danish,literature and history of the region,culture and traditions and other super cool things :P The students are normally prepared for translators,linguists,philologists etc.Since I have always adored literature and I have always known I want to translate from these languages I feel very well in this major.:-)
Besides Bulgarian,I also speak English,French and Swedish. :-)

3.I make of my most fave things to do!I got really into it two years ago and I haven't stopped ever since.Each of my pieces has a unique design.Out of the pieces I make some I keep for myself and the rest I either sell or give to friends.

What is there going to be in this blog?

1.There will be a lot on jewelry,I will post pictures of the pieces I have made.I hope to receive constructive criticism from you.I am deliberately emphasizing on the word "constructive"-comments,containing insults,vulgar language,spam,or such which have no bearing to the topic will be deleted right away.They shouldn't waste my time,nor yours.
2.Besides jewelry I am going to write my own "redwitchy" thoughts on Life,The Universe and Everything Else(I'm sorry,Douglas Adams,but this phrase was so suitable I couldn't help but copy it :P).I am going to write on topics relating to literature,art photography,indie music,interior design and decoration...and..whatever else there is in my pretty redheaded head.I hope you find it interesting here...
3.If you wish to take a look at some of my jewelry pieces,you can find them here - :-)

I don't want to be too wordy,I think what I've written is enough for a first entry.
See you soon on the pages of my Red Witch Diaries :-)

*The Red Witch

* this is a translation of an entry from which was originally written on October 14th 2008

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