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One day without lectures...without the cold lecture rooms of Sofia University...without hearing Swedish all the time...Pure bliss.
Not that I didn't have any lectures in the morning...I did,and it was on Swedish,hahah :Р But I was so sleepy in the morning.The alarm clock on my cell phone rang,I told it to piss off,and I slept until noon..wow,that hadn't happened to me in quite a long time! :-))
The pure pleasure of drinking coffee without having to hurry is one of the things which make life so wonderful...
So what did I do during my day off?Well,I made some jewelry,that's what I did.I made a pair of ear-rings(Here's a photo of it,I'm expecting some feedback :P)I fixed some jewelry pieces,and I took on the boring task of uploading the pictures of my jewelry pieces on my website-
http://zoom.bg/witchcrafts .A task that took up most of my day off.
And although I did a lot of work today (and I still have a lot to do,so I guess I won't sleep much tonight...again)this day was still MINE,free,a wonderful,warm,perfect October day...It was perfect because I didn't have any deadlines;because I was working ALONE,without being interrupted by insignificant people/things;because I felt I had all the time in the world.
So you could say my day was pretty creative.And how was yours?
I hope it was at least as good as mine. :-)

*The Red Witch

*this is a translation of an entry from theredwitchdiaries.blogspot.com which was originally written on October 15th 2008

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