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As promised in my previous blog entry in each "Indie Friday'" column I will present an indie artist/band.
I didn't give it much thought as to which the first band presented here should be-of course,it had to be my most fave indie band.Тhe guys who opened me up to this kind of music.The band with the scary name: INTERPOL.

Band name :
Location : NY City
Genre : indie/alternative rock ;post-punk revival
Members :Paul Banks(vocals,bass guitar),Daniel Kessler(guitar,backing vocals),Carlos Dengler(bass guitar),Sam Fogarino(drums).
Where can you find them on the Internet? :Their official website is ,they can be also found on Myspace

Sounds like:
like..hmmm.Melancholic rock with overwhelming bass guitar solos.Lots of drums involved.Interpol have both very cheerful and rhythmic songs and songs which make you weep like a little child.Their music is mostly melancholic.Most of their songs have amazingly good lyrics (which are mostly the work of their lead singer Paul Banks).

The Story

It is basically not an unusual story..A bunch of NY University students gather to play music just for the sake of it(1997-1998).Things get serious and the dudes start self-publishing their demos up until 2001.
The Big Breakthrough - Turn On The Bright Lights-2002.This is the album which puts them among today's most successful indie bands.Next come Antics(2004) and Our Love To Admire(2007).
Interpol today-the critics admire them,they have huge fan bases both in Europe and the USA,they have achieved serious commercial success and are currently on tour in Europe promoting Our Love To Admire.
This is the band's story in a few sentences.Since I have disliked history ever since high school,I am going to stop here.If you'd like to know the detailed story,you can click HERE :-)


The name comes from a joke which Banks' classmates quite often used to tease him with-"Paul,Paul,Interpol" :-).Before deciding on this name the band have considered names like The French Letters and Las Armas.But the strongest reason for which the band picked "Interpol" for its name is,that,according to lead singer Paul Banks, "We'd like to be perceived as an impersonal, mysterious organization such as Interpol.But principally it's because the name sounds cool."

The Music

"Obstacle 1"-a single from their debut album Turn On The Bright Lights.It is interesting to know that in this album there is another song called "Obstacle 2" :P

"Public Pervert"-a song from their second album,Antics,which,alas,didn't come out as a single.This one is perhaps among my all-time favorite songs..

"No 'I' In Threesome" or,in other words,a flirty ode devoted to the threesome :Р .The song is from Interpol's latest album entitled Our Love To Admire,which came out last year.

Listen to the music and judge for yourselves whether or not it fits your taste.
I'd be more than happy if you share what you like or don't like.I'm also looking forward to receiving suggestions for which artists/bands to feature in "Indie Friday" :-)
Have an awesome Friday night!Party hard! :-)

*The Red Witch

*this is a translation of an entry from which was originally written on October 17th 2008

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