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Once again it's time for my Indie Friday blog column!

I have spent a dull and exhausting week,filled with plenty of small things which more or less affected my good mood.But having created a music column in which to write about one of the greatest things in life-MUSIC,I have created my own way of relaxing and setting all the small daily problems aside.This column is like a placebo to me.

Okay,enough with the sentimental introduction!Let's move on to the subject-today's indie band which I have decided to present to you,is yet another one of my most fave bands.Even if it falls under the category of indie bands,it has achieved wide commercial success both in the States and in Europe.The music which The Killers make is mostly dynamic,cheerful rock which can wake you up in the morning,no matter how deeply you sleep, and make you shake it on the dance floor.

Band name: The Killers
Location: Las Vegas
Genre: indie/alternative rock,post-punk revival
Members: Brandon Flowers(vocals,keyboard),Dave Keunig(backing vocals,guitar),Mark Stoermer(backing vocals,bass guitar),Ronnie Vanucci Jr.(drums,percussion)
Where can you find them on the Internet? Their official website is,they can also be found on Myspace
Sounds like: very cheerful,very energetic,very melodic.Very catchy lyrics,such as the lyrics to When You Were Young,Uncle Jonny,Glamorous Indie Rock&Roll and my most fave one - Believe Me,Natalie.
When it comes to the mood of the lyrics,The Killers' songs are so much more different than Interpol's.(If you remember,Interpol was the first indie band to be presented on Indie Friday.)The Killers' lyrics are much more lively and cheerful.

The Story[in short]

For The Killers the big break-through came quickly.Brandon Flowers quits his previous band Blush Response(synthpop) and answers an ad which Dave Keunig has posted in The Sun.Then they attract the other members and start playing at various Las Vegas clubs.They get noticed by a Warner producer who recommends them to the London indie label Lizard King Records-from then on begins their way to fame.Their debut studio album,entitledHot Fuss(2004)has tremendous success.Their second album,Sam's Town(2006)however,receives mixed reviews despite Brandon Flowers' public statement that "this is going to be one of the best albums in the last 20 years".
Their compilation album,entitled Sawdust comes out in November 2007.It contains b-sides,rarities,new material and two cover songs,one of which covers "Romeo and Juliet"-a great song by Dire Straits.An exceptionally good cover,in my opinion.
So far the band have been featured as themselves in the widely popular teen sitcom the O.C.,two of their songs are in the official soundtrack of the series;lead singer Brandon Flowers has had confrontations with the bands The Bravery and Fall Out Boy (who are signed to the same label-Island Def Jam Music Group);and the guys are currently in the studio working on their third album,entitled Day&Age.


I'm moving on to the most important part of every Indie Friday entry-the MUSIC :-)

This is the video to Mr Brightside-a single from their debut album Hot Fuss(2004) :-)

A LIVE version of Glamorous Indie Rock&Roll :-)

And this is a very nice fan video of Believe Me,Natalie -my most fave song by The Killers.

I hope you have enjoyed the music which these wonderful guys from Las Vegas make.I will be happy if you express your opinion on the band,their music,and what you like or don't like about my Indie Friday column in the comment section below.

Have a crazy Friday night!

*The Red Witch

*this is a translation of an entry from which was originally written on October 24th 2008

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Hello Venus, Thank you for visiting my site. Great videos and like this music. Sorry but my english sucks.
Goodbye and see you soon.

Posted on November 11, 2008 at 11:45 PM  
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