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As some of you may know,my fave kind of music is INDIE.If you don't know what that is,to put it briefly,"indie" is an abbreviation which stands for "independent music" which is a type of music relating to artists/bands who take a personal,do-it-yourself approach in the process of recording and publishing their music.You could say they are the antonym of commercial/mainstream artists.(Although there is a number of indie artists/bands who have achieved great commercial success-but this is a topic for another blog entry).If you'd like to learn more about it,there is a great article on indie music on Wikipedia ...
The new column that I am launching,which I have called "INDIE Friday" (because it will come out every Friday :p)will be all about the indie movement in music,introducing some of my fave indie bands,new albums,interesting interviews,etc Through this weekly column I hope to bring some popularity to this kind of music,which is ,alas,not so well-known in my home country Bulgaria.There is indeed A PLETHORA OF extremely talented indie artists/bands which I am sure you will like :-)

So the first band which I am going to present to you in "Indie Friday" is called...


* this is a translation of an entry from which was originally written on October 17th 2008

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