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Yeah,yeah,I know..There wasn't an Indie Friday column for last Friday-well,if there is anyone out there who is reading this column-I am deeply sorry.You can blame Sofia University.I had lots of things to do at university,and the truth is,I hardly got any time to sleep,let alone write in this blog.If I should describe last week in one word it would be "sleep".Sleep,sleep,sleep!It was all I was craving for.To get some hours of nice long sleep.Well,I did that this week-I overslept three consecutive days and missed lots of lectures at university:/
Since I write Indie Friday mainly for my own pleasure I still hope that someone someday will read this column and get interested in the music I am presenting here.Because it's all about the Music.
And speaking of music-until now I presented only indie rock artists on Indie Friday.Since I wouldn't want to ignore my favorite indie POP artists/bands,I decided that it was only natural that this Friday I should write a bit on indie pop.
The first name that I'd like to introduce you to is Imogen Heap.And before you scroll down to see the info about it,here are a few hints:A 30 years old white female,London,multi-instrumentalist, electronic,synthpop,ambient.

Here is the basic info which comes to fill you in:
Name:Imogen Jennifer Jane Heap
Plays:piano,keyboard,cello,clarinet,guitar,drums,as well as the more exotic array mbira and hang.
Members:she is the only member :Р
Where can you find her on the Internet? Her official website is,you can also find her in Myspace and Last.Fm
Sounds like: very nice pop music that is highly influenced by electronica;high-pitched but very pleasant voice.The use of many different instruments makes Imogen's music multilayered and very interesting.There are some common conceptual features between her music and the music of Moloko's ex lead singer Roisin Murphy.Her lyrics are very good.In short: Imogen is a poetess with guitar/keyboards/piano + a bunch of other instruments!
Associated acts: Frou Frou.Frou Frou is a duo in which Imogen participates alongside Guy Sigsworth.The result of this collaboration is a single album entitled-Details(2002)which I highly recommend to you.

Imogen's story

Imogen Jennifer Jane Heap was born on December 9th 1977 in Rumford,London to an art therapist mother and a construction rock retailer father.Her parents divorce when she is 12.At 13 she starts writing her own songs.She is soon sent to a boarding school where she has a clash with her music teacher.As a form of punishment she has to learn herself sampling and sequencing.She is soon a student in the infamous "BRIT School Of Performing Arts & Technology" in Surrey.There she meets her manager Mark Wood.After a highly successful performance at a concert in Hyde Park in 1996 she manages to impress the critics.Her debut album,entitled iMegaphone(an anagram of "Imogen Heap") comes out in 1998,when Imogen is 21.The critics love it and compare her tracks to the style of P.J. Harvey,Kate Bush and Annie Lennox.Promotion for the album includes a tour in the States and performances in the UK. But the label Almo Sounds,with which she has signed a contract cuts off the budget claiming her songs don't have the potential to become hits.Imogen drops out of the label.Then follows an extremely successful collaboration with the electronic artist/producer Guy Sigsworth-Frou Frou(2002-2003) and the only record this duo has made,entitled Details(2002) increases Imogen's popularity.In 2003 Imogen announces on her official website that she has begun recording a new album which she herself will record,master and publish.She sets herself a deadline of one year to finish the project and re-mortgages her flat to rent a studio and buy instruments.Through her official blog she keeps her fans up-to-date on the project's progress,even seeking their help to write lyrics for the song Daylight Robbery.The record,entitled Speak For Yourself comes out in 2005.Due to bad experience with labels in the past,Imogen decides to start her own label(Megaphonic Records),through which she publishes the record.A fact which adds up to the huge success of the record is that several songs from it are featured in the sitcom the O.C..Soon come many performances at concerts and TV shows and several Grammy nominations in 2005 and 2006.

This year Imogen contributed to the charity album Songs For Tibet:The Art Of Peace which aims to support Tibet,Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso and to underline the human rights situation in Tibet.

These days the talented Londoner is working on her third album which is to be in stores this December.The first single from it,Not now,but soon is already available to the fans through her official website and Myspace page.
Imogen has offered music and vocals to many other artists,her songs have been part of advertisements,movie soundtracks and sitcoms.
And last,but not least,she is very notable for her clothing style.The gal has a terrific fashion sense(just look at the outfit she wore for the Grammy ceremony in 2007! :-) )

The Music

Come Here,Boy -a single from her debut album iMegaphonic

Must Be Dreaming
-a Frou Frou single from the album Details(2002)(a fave song of mine! :) )

It's Good To Be In Love
- another single from Details :-)

Good Night And Go -a single from Speak For Yourself(2005)

and for dessert:a fan video of Not Now,But Soon -the first single from Imogen's third upcoming album :-)

I really hope that the magnificent music this charming lady makes has touched something inside you.She really has a lot to give to Music.

See you next Friday in Indie Friday!

Wear warmer clothes and love each other more-the winter is coming.

*The Red Witch

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