Stereo MC's LIVE in Sofia -11.11.2008

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You should have come to Festival Hall in Sofia last night to hear the amazing STEREO MCs!You really should have been there.Because it was a TOTAL BLAST!They shook it up really hard with songs from their latest album DOUBLE BUBBLE,as well as classic hits like CONNECTED,STEP IT UP,DEEP DOWN AND DIRTY,ELEVATE MY MIND,GROUND LEVEL,RUNNING and many more super groovy beats!
Luckily me and my friend Kety made it to the concert.And we've managed to take some pictures to show you just how AWESOME it really was!
In terms of organisation everything was tip-top.The crowd entered the hall at precisely 19:25 Sofia time.Kety and I were among the first ones to enter the hall=>WE WERE IN THE VERY VERY FRONT ROW! :-)
Here's a bunch of pics we took before the concert began:-)

It's unbelievable how only 20 minutes after this picture was taken,the hall was filled huge crowds...

Kety and I gladly posing before the concert has begun :-)

Hooded Kety :-)

The supporting band(too bad I didn't get their name) began playing at about 20:00.What can I say about them?They were playing pretty strange underground instrumental trip-hop,but I for one enjoyed their music.The lead singer was quite a character,with very interesting view on stage presence.A sort of a clown,but a FUNNY one.
Here are some pictures of their performance:

The crowd liked them,but you could feel that everyone in the hall thought the same thing "Come on now,get it over with,so that Stereo MC's can get on the stage!"
In an answer to our prayers,they got on the stage at 21:10.
And the rest,my dear boys and girls,is,as they say,history.History,told in pictures(and 3 very good quality videos,for which I thank users from

Well,that's all,folks.It was certainly one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

End of story.

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