Long time,no see!

By The Red Witch on 10:12 PM

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Aloha to all of you in the World Wide Web!

Long time,no see!
The truth is that I really wanted to write regularly in this blog, but, as trivial as it sounds, I didn't have the time.
During these last months I was mainly a student(the result: two failed exams...but I'm positive about retaking them in September!),and a working girl- I got a part-time job- this reduced my free time to an amount below the absolute minimum. I didn't have any time to go out with friends, my social life was almost gone.I didn't have time to make jewelry and write this blog (which, frankly, made me sadder than the lack of social life. I don't mind spending my free time by myself.)
Oh, and speaking about the blog... I had a lot of ideas about starting different weekly columns in this blog,they came and they left, but I didn't write them down. Now I feel really sorry for not having done that, because now I can't remember a single one. But I remember there were one or two good ones which were worth writing down... Oh, well..it's not so bad. At least now I feel like I'm starting over. It's spring, the season when new life begins, and so many things are starting over.
I hope to breathe new life and ideas into this blog,in unison with the season.
To all of you out there who have visited this blog in the past two months hoping to see a new entry I can just say 'I AM REALLY SORRY!'

The Red Witch Diaries has awakened from its winter sleep.

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