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Lately I have noticed that every newspaper, every magazine, every popular TV/radio show has a daily/weekly "top (insert number here)column"
Such columns come in handy when you need to fill a blank spot with something short and funny. Sometimes not really informative.Most times not really funny.
Since it seems like everyone has their own "top 5", I thought,'Maybe I should have my own top 5 as well! Why not share my preferences with the rest of the world?'
Thus the Red Top 5 was born.
It is called the RED Top 5 for a reason - everything inside this blog is red. Or at least with a slight shade of red. If red is not among the colors you like, it is time for you to stop reading further on, because here this color is going to be mentioned many times. :-)
Let's get back to the Red Top 5.
I have read many similar columns and I while writing my own "Red Top 5" articles I will try to avoid their usual simple style, characterized by the use of many cynical and dramatic expressions, which are meant to sound "funny".
But I don't think I will always be able to avoid using such expressions, and for this I would like to give my apologies in advance.
The Red Top 5 is going to be a weekly column covering all kinds of topics.
I really hope you will find it interesting and funny, and I would be happy if you share your opinions in the comment box below:-)
The First RED TOP 5's topic is...ta-da-da-daaaaam!


I have always despised magazines,whose basic target group is women from 15 to 55; which use tones of valuable wood for glossy paper,and on it- 99% photos and ads,and 1% silly articles, and thus I decided to talk a bit about this in my first Red Top 5 Column.
Coming really soon.

*The Red Witch

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