A spring surprise

By The Red Witch on 5:05 PM

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Yesterday I was sitting in front of the PC and wasting precious minutes of my life in Facebook.Then, for a second, I got distracted, and looked through the window. The view isn't very pretty, you know-there is an old apartment building across the street in which reside my two most faithful viewers,the,hm,voyeurs from floors 6 and 7, that is..And then, there is the nice Chinese restaurant, and more old apartment buildings-remnants of socialist times...
And then, I see this:

Oh, what a spring surprise! I hurry to find the camera and take a picture of my discovery before the wind has blown it away.
Now I'm looking at the pictures I took yesterday, and I'm still wondering what this is.Is it a T-shirt or a pair of underpants?

What do you think?

P.S. My awesome spring discovery stayed in its original place all day yesterday, but a couple of hours ago finally continued its course five floors down toward the untidy green patch in front of my apartment building. I felt too lazy to go downstairs and see what kind of lingerie it actually was.

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