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Hello there!

It has been quite a while, hasn't it? I have been meaning to write here for some time now, but, frankly, I was a bit afraid. A long time has passed since my latest entry and I felt I had lost my ability to write well. Whether I did lose it or not,is for you to decide.
OK, enough with the sentimental bulls***t!This entry's purpose is NOT to be sentimental, although I may not be able to help myself at times(but you'll forgive me, won't you?)

This entry's main purpose is to answer the question 'What's new?'
So, to do that, I should continue telling the story from where I stopped, e.g.what happened after I quit my job.
Well...chronologically speaking...
Several days afterward I packed my bags and boarded the train to Pécs(Hungary), to spend Easter with the most amazing person in the whole world-my boyfriend, of course :-)

Pécs is a wonderful town. Small, colorful and trim, it is like a little girl who is standing in front of a mirror, dressed in here mama's clothes...

Everything is in full blossom, the streets are covered with flowers...This year there are extra-many beautiful tulips.

There is no need to admit that I had the most wonderful time, and, when I arrived at Sofia Train Station 10 days later, I felt like the loneliest girl in the world...It is always so hard to leave...

Well, for sure I didn't have a lot of time to feel down in the dumps thanks to the many errands I had to finalize my resignation, and study, study, study! And what did I do? I started making jewelry :p
When I have a jewelry piece idea in my head, already sketched and colored;when my tools are in front of me, and it's like they are begging me to take them...I can't help myself.

You can see my newest jewelry collection here! :-)

Besides making jewelry I have also begun experimenting with decoupage.(découpage) . Visit the link if you want to find out more about this type of craft, but in short it is the art of decorating furniture and household objects with paper.
I had been meaning to try it for a long time, so I sat at PC, read some info about it, and started decoupaging...
My first decoupage project was completed 2 months ago, and adequately named "The Decoupage Project" (not a particularly original name, I know, but I liked the sound of it...) . I decorated the inner side of my huge closet door.I will show you the end result in a separate entry:-)
So, after I got back home from Hungary(where I bought some AWESOME beads, by the way!!!), I sat down and decorated two boxes.One of them is decoupaged with two types of light blue fabric,which aren't sewn together( I used duct tape, because I suck at sawing and I really didn't want to ruin the wonderful fabric :p), and the other box is decoupaged with paper. More info and pictures of my decoupage projects are coming up in a future blog entry! :-)

I can't help thinking that this whole period of time, since I got back from Hungary less than a month ago is marked by my 'School VS Job' dilemma.Don't get me wrong, I DID try doing both at the same time and it's just not working for me. Usually one of them is 'a victim' of the other,in my case it's school. I'm not as fond of my major as I once was, in fact, I have started to doubt whether this is what I am really meant to do...Plus I need to earn some money...So I am more and more inclined to take some time off, find myself a proper job, start earning some money and think what major would make me truly interested, and happy, because I can't just stay with my high school diploma. The sad thing is that jewelry making IS what really makes me happy, and what I want to develop into a serious profession, but that's not possible, at least for the time being..
I guess in these cases one usually says "We'll wait and see"...

I have terribly neglected this blog, and I solemnly promise to write in it more often from now on. I have a lot of ideas on new blog columns, they are written down in my awesome new yellow notebook(thank you for this wonderful gift,A. :-)) and are just waiting to be put into action. I am really excited about that!
The Indie Friday column will also be present every Friday, as usual. If you have stumbled upon a cool indie artist/band, drop me a line and I'd be happy to review them in Indie Friday:-)
The first entry from The Red Top 5 column will appear tomorrow! So stay tuned;-)

Enjoy your Saturday night(and remember to drink responsibly!),

*The Red Witch

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