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After a long, rainy, boring and tiresome day I can finally rest for a while and tell you about some really interesting stuff that has been going on with me these days...

First of all, I am really excited that for the very first time I am going to present a BULGARIAN BAND in this week's Indie Friday! ;-) They are called JERIHON and they are very cool.

But, let's see the news block first:

1. My newest jewelry creations now have pictures in FLICKR in the RedWitch Crafts Jewelry Spring/Summer 2009 photo album. Please stop by to look at them and comment;-)

2. This weekend I'm off to Belogradchik/Vidin/somewhere around this area with my brother and some friends. Bye bye, dirty big city;-) Of course, afterwards I will post lots of pictures as proof of how awesome it was:р I have already packed the few things that I plan to take with me and I really can't wait to go...will have to wait for tomorrow morning though.

If you have read some of my previous entries,then you are quite aware of my love for Scandinavia and all things Scandinavian( especially literature, cinema and design!), so this last piece of news won't come as a big surprise.
Several months ago, on Youtube I saw a wonderful Swedish short film, called 'Skeletons In The Closet', and presented by the famous FutureShorts. This short movie is a truly impressive piece, and I was very nicely surprised when I opened Youtube today, and saw that it was featured on the front page, along with other "frightful shorts" -

Go ahead and watch it! I assure you it'll worth all 10 minutes you will spend watching it;-)

And now, moving on to Indie Friday! :-)

On Tuesday night I attended a concert of a band named Jerihon in the new sleek Sofia Live Club, and now I can honestly say: "Bulgarian rock music is NOT dead!" In general I am extremely skeptical when it comes to new Bulgarian bands, and especially new Bulgarian rock bands,(well, they aren't that new, but they are new to me),and since I am a music snob, in the beginning of the show, my expectations for it weren't that high. But after the first 2 performances I was intrigued, and by the end of the show's first half, I was dancing and jumping like crazy, along with almost everyone else in the club. We heard remarkably good covers of songs by KISS, Cream, Guns N Roses, The Rembrandts, Pink Floyd, but the more interesting thing was that for the first time the band presented their own song material, and not bad material at all! They managed to make a great show, and their new debut album is coming out in Bulgaria this fall! Finally, some fresh blood on the Bulgarian rock music scene!

Here is a little info about the band:

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Genre: hard rock, alternative
Members: Martina Baldzieva(violine, vocals), Stoyan Bozov (guitar, vocals), Boris Samarinov(bass guitar, vocals) and Mihail Russev(drums, vocals)
Where can you find them on the WWW: they have an official page, and also a profile in Facebook.

The Story [in short]

In this entry, unlike in previous Indie Friday entries, the story will indeed, be in short ;)
In short, all four members have participated in different projects before forming JERIHON, but together they have the ability to play in a very avant-guarde and passionate way the music which inspires them- 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s rock music.
Jerihon are hardly a year old but have already played in numerous clubs across the country and are well-known on the underground scene. But now we wait for them to com out of the shadows and present us a NEW, FRESH, AWESOME BULGARIAN ROCK ALBUM!


Sweet Child O' Mine (Guns N Roses cover, @Sofia Live Club)

Whiskey In The Jar (Metallica cover, @Sofia Live Club)

These videos document Jerihon's concert at Sofia Live Club on 09.07.2009. I sincerely apologize for their poor video quality, but this was really all I could find on the WWW. There is more audio and video on their official web page ;-)

Well, this is it.I'm going to bed to get some sleep before the big road trip tomorrow! :-)
And to all of you out there-have a great weekend, no matter where you are!
And don't forget to give JERIHON a listen ;-)

*The Red Witch

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