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After the morning cup of tea(I am really more of a coffee person, but having a sore throat tea seems to be the better choice now...), the breakfast and several episodes of The Penguins Of Madagascar it is high time I wrote about the weekend we spent in Vidin.

We started out on Saturday morning. I won't go on describing the bad state of the roads, the road signs hidden amongst huge bushes, and how we missed the right turn several times because we couldn't see the sign... A lot has been said on the state of roads in Bulgaria, and a lot more will be said, until some people remember to get their job done...

We decided to visit the Magura cave, before we go to Vidin. We almost got lost on the way, because of a sign saying "Magura cave" but placed on the wrong turn. We got lucky we found someone to ask for directions.
Despite the cool weather and the rain there were at least two or three buses full of tourists and lots of people.

Having decided to visit the cave when we were already on the road, I had to walk inside the cave on high heels. It was wet, uneven and very slippery(doh, it's a cave!). But I'd like to say that though I was with high heels, I never once fell down ;р (which maybe is due to the fact that I was hanging onto either my brother, or his friend, Fori, almost throughout the entire way, for which I am very grateful.)
I won't talk much about the cave itself, because the pictures say enough. It is very beautiful inside.

After we got out of the cave, we got on something resembling a hybrid between a train, tractor and steam-roller which was supposed to take us back to the entrance of the cave.

Well, we survived the rain and the bad service and took off to Vidin, because we were really cold and hungry.

It was getting dark when we arrived so the first thing we had to do was to look for a place to stay for the night. Now I should mention the wonderful folks at Zora hotel, who gave us a great big apartment and top quality service at a really decent price. If you ever go to Vidin and don't have a place to stay, I highly recommend this hotel.

Vidin is a very beautiful town. Frankly, I was very nicely surprised, because I didn't expect to like it that much...

Here is my attempt at art photography ;-) (I think it turned out really nice) :

Here we are on the Danube river bank ;-)

You can't leave Vidin without having visited the famous Baba Vida fortress. And that is exactly what we did on Sunday, before leaving for Sofia:

After having had lunch at a great boat-restaurant,we left for Sofia. Actually we wanted to visit Belogradchik on the way back, but we had some car troubles and decided to do it some other time.
All in all, despite the bad weather and the horrible cough(that I still have), I had an awesome time!

I can't wait to travel again.

*The Red Witch

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