We all know that in order to make music, the musician needs inspiration, because music is an art form.

But how many of us realize that music itself can serve as inspiration to create other art forms, such as paintings, written works, crafts?

When making jewelry, I have often noticed that certain songs make me feel more relaxed, even more creative, if you wish. 

Certain music styles put me into 'creative mode', whereas other styles which I normally love to listen to just irritate my ear while I'm making jewelry.

So today I thought I'd share some songs from my 'Inspiration playlist' with you :

Featured songs:

David Bowie - 'A Better Future'
David Bowie - 'I'm Deranged'
Roisin Murphy - 'You Know Me Better'
Roisin Murphy - 'Let Me Know'
Moloko - 'Familiar Feeling'
Billy Idol - 'Flesh For Fantasy'
Chemical Brothers - 'Star Guitar'
Astrud Gilberto - 'Who Needs Forever' (Thievery Corporation Remix)
D'Sound - 'Dancing Into The Moonlight'
Goo Goo Dolls - 'Naked'
Big Country - 'In A Big Country'
Iggy Pop - 'Lust For Life'
Muse - 'Map Of The Problematique'
Interpol - 'Pace Is The Trick'
Thin Lizzy - 'The Boys Are Back In Town'
The Stranglers - 'Golden Brown'
The Stranglers - 'Walk On By'
Nouvelle Vague & Julie Delpy - 'LaLaLa'
Blue Oyster Cult - '(Don't Fear) The Reaper'
CC Adcock & The Lafayette Marquis- 'Bleed 2 Feed'
Reflekt - 'Need To Feel Loved'
Noir Désir - 'Le Vent Nous Portera'
Suzanne Vega - 'Tom's Dinner'
Tears For Fears - 'Goodnight Song'
Cher - 'Walking In Memphis'
Sisters Of Mercy - 'Dominion (Mother Russia)'
The Jam - 'The Eton Rifles'
Thunderball - 'This Girl'
Boozoo Bajou - 'Night Over Manaus'
A-ha - 'Summer Moved On'
A-ha - 'Early Morning'
A-ha - 'Solace'
Julian Plenti - 'Girl On The Sporting News'
The Cure - 'The Reasons Why'
Cabaret Voltaire - 'I Want You'
Kings Of Convenience - 'I'd Rather Dance With You'
Underworld - 'Born Slippy'
Montt Mardié - 'Set Sail Tomorrow'
The Farm - 'Groovy Train'
Stereo MC's - 'Running'
The Killers - 'This Is Your Life'
The Editors - 'Bullets'
Saint Etienne - 'Shower Scene'
Kasabian - 'Vlad The Impaler'
Kaizers Orchestra - 'Container'
Franz Ferdinand - 'Walk Away'
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness - 'According To Plan'
Erlend Øye - 'Ghost Trains'
The Zombies - 'Time Of The Season'
Ulver - 'Porn Piece Or The Scars Of Cold Kisses'

These are some of the songs that I listen to while I'm making jewelry.

And now I'm curious to know- what songs do you like to listen to while you're writing/painting/crafting? Is there a music style that you only listen to when you create? How does music inspire you?

*The Red Witch

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