Autumn delights

By The Red Witch on 4:22 PM

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If there is one extra-special thing about Autumn, it's the color palette. Such amazing colors! All shades of orange, brown, beige, and, of course, RED, hehe :-)
All this myriad of colors around you really makes you forget the cold and damp weather, doesn't it?

So I spent the last few days making jewelry (almost)nonstop. I was inspired by the fall season when I made the set of charm bracelet and earrings, pictured here. I called it 'The Colors Of Autumn'-I thought it was a very suitable name:-) You can go and check it out HERE.

Other jewelry pieces I've recently made:

Egyptian Feeling necklace

Purple Haze bracelet

Black Flower brooch

Alligator beaded brooch

Purple Pearls bracelet

If you want to see these beauties in more detail, please click here.

I'm still in a jewelry making frenzy, so more pieces will come soon! :-)

So, that's how Autumn inspires me - I make jewelry using "warm" colors :-)

How does Autumn inspire you? Do you like this season?

*The Red Witch

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